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Your December 2020 / January 2021 Teacher's Guide

Dear teachers,

As we looked back over this unprecedented year, we couldn’t believe all that happened in 2020. Much of it was difficult, some of it was painful, but it wasn’t all bad. Of course, we all have different opinions as to what counts as the year’s highs and lows, which is what makes our December Share This Now! activity so much fun—it’s an opportunity for students to vote on what was great about 2020 and what was not so hot, then add their own entries to the list.

Our Love It or Leave It: 2020 Edition worksheet is just one example of the interactive activities we’ve been featuring on our back pages this semester. Now these activities are even easier to access because we’ve made them available as Google Slides in addition to the print and PDF versions.

I really hope you’ve been enjoying our Share This Now! activities, and I’d love to see what you and your students have been coming up with in response. Please share the results!



Jennie Yabroff, Executive Editor

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Should schools dictate what students can and can’t wear during remote learning? Two Choices advisers weigh in.

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YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: Is Your Brain a Liar?

Negative thoughts can range from slightly unrealistic to totally untrue. Learn how to tell the difference.


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REAL TEENS: We Use Service Dogs

Service animals work around the clock to keep their owners safe. Find out how these amazing dogs have made a difference in the lives of three teens.


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YOUR HEALTH: Uncovering the Truth About Spotty Skin

Acne can be embarrassing, but it’s also completely normal. Find out what does and doesn’t cause acne, as well as what doctors have to say about skincare.


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CHANGEMAKERS: She's Helping All Teens Feel Included

One teen is working hard to make sure that LGBTQ youth feel supported at her school. Learn how to help all students feel included at their schools.

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