Everything you need to know about eating right.

Sure, you may not have the trainers or bank account of a pro athlete. But you just might have the NBA’s secret weapon in your very own lunch bag: the humble PB&J. Here’s what it can teach you about fueling your goals. 

Research shows that the sugar in drinks can contribute to serious health problems. Would detailing these risks on the packaging save lives—or is it a misguided attempt to solve America's obesity problem? 

That scrumptious crunch. The way it melts in your mouth. A delicious dusting of powder left on your fingertips. Read on to learn the secrets of junk food scientists, who were hired to get you hooked. 

Introducing. . . Chef You! We dare you to try these recipes, which are way tastier than (and almost as speedy as) fast food.

Drop the Doritos. Step away from the peanut butter cups. We’ll help you satisfy your cravings—in a healthier way!

Can we feed the world the nutrients it needs and save the planet? Scientists say yes—but only if you change what’s on your plate. (Yes, bugs are on the menu!)

How to win: Choose a healthy meal when you’re starving—and avoid the millions of junk-food obstacles in your path. Our real teen contestants did it—and so can you!

Food packages are riddled with righteous claims. But not all snacks are as innocent as they appear. 

See how we transformed four teens' favorite meals by applying the MyPlate method—then learn to use this healthy-eating hack on your favorite meals.

Don’t let between-meal munching wreck your health. Here’s how to do it right!