Mental Health

All topics related to your mental health and well-being.

Many teens don’t get the sleep they need. Here’s how to catch up on your shut-eye.

Addressing Mental Health Issues Without The Stigma

In the back corner of my classroom is a big yellow box. It’s from a health ed resource company, and on the side it says Mental and Emotional Health. Inside is a curriculum that is meant to teach my students about mental health in 4-6 lessons, and although it probably cost a fortune, I don’t think I’ve touched it in years. Mental health can’t be taught in a few lessons, and it certainly doesn’t fit into a box.

Starting A Classroom Meditation Practice

“OK, I get it. The kids need to meditate… but how does that work, exactly?” We live in some hyper-connected times; stress levels are on the way up as attention spans are on the way down. Equipping students with the skills needed to slow down and be mindful can help them as they struggle to find focus and calm in a world full of constant distractions.