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From sold-out concerts to sporting events watched by millions, high-profile celebs have pressure-filled schedules that they need to navigate with calm and grace. So how do they do it? Here are their secret strategies for staying chill—and how you can use the same tricks. 

That emotional roller coaster you’re on? It’s all because your brain is changing like crazy right now. Read on to better understand your seemingly random moods . . . and how to survive them.

Picture it: A packed house for an early-season football game. Tyrell Cameron is 16, a linebacker and receiver for the Franklin Parish Patriots. Cody Seward, 17, plays linebacker for the Sterlington Panthers. With 9 minutes and 11 seconds left in the game, they collide.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling furious! But learning to control your inner Hulk can keep you from doing all sorts of stuff you’ll regret.


Here’s what it’s really like to have an anxiety disorder—and why more teens are being diagnosed than ever before.

Celebrities don’t talk about it. Doctors don’t always notice it. Even those with textbook cases of binge-eating disorder may not know it. Find out what happens when the food you turn to for comfort becomes your worst enemy.

The Texting Line Every Teen Should Know About

It's a fact of life: At one point or another, every teen will hit a rough patch. Whether it's failing an exam or something far more serious, hard times are inevitable. While that may sound pessimistic, it doesn't have to be—especially when there are resources to help along the way. The Crisis Text Line is a 24/7 texting resource available for teens. Young people can text the number at any time and be connected with a trained crisis counselor. This week's issue of The New Yorker features an in-depth profile on the organization, which is "the first and only national, 24/7 crisis-intervention hotline to conduct its conversations exclusively by text message." The entire article "R U There?" is definitely worth a read! Before you check that out, here's a run-down of what you should know about the Crisis Text Line.

Four Teens. Four traumas. Four incredible comebacks.

No, we’re not talking about being annoyingly chipper and ignorantly blissful. Optimism is a research-proven mind-set that will get you what you want—­here’s how to use it.