Every month, two teens weigh in on a topic that impacts your lives.

Some high schools across the country are implementing “big kid recess” as a response to student stress levels. Should playtime be mandatory for teens nationwide?

Many stores can offer low prices on the latest trends because people in other countries are paid so little to make them. Is it unethical to purchase these products—or is buying them a way to support struggling workers? 

Research shows that the sugar in drinks can contribute to serious health problems. Would detailing these risks on the packaging save lives—or is it a misguided attempt to solve America's obesity problem? 

Some lawmakers believe that lowering the minimum wage for young people will encourage more businesses to hire them. Would you say this is a smart move to help teens get jobs—or is it fundamentally unfair? 

Some students (and even administrators) are calling for a time limit on outside assignments. Will this move reduce students’ stress levels—or just make it harder to learn? 

We’re constantly bombarded with advertisements that portray the perfect body as thin and fit. Would getting rid of them boost our self-esteem, or send us down a slippery slope of censorship?

Big-thrill activities like snowboarding and rock climbing are skyrocketing in popularity. Do these sports teach healthy risk-taking—or put precious futures in jeopardy?

Through video games, fandoms, and social media, you’re interacting with cool people around the world. But can these virtual connections ever truly compete with an in-person bond?

Some schools have outlawed the practice, deeming it disruptive. Have these extravagant invitations gone too far?