Featuring stories about how you can make a difference in the world around you.

Xiuhtezcatl, 16, writes music to spread important messages about climate change—and he wants you to listen up.

Think ahead four years: Maybe you’ll be applying to college, or starting your first full-time job. What will the country look like then, and how will the president elected next month influence your rights and determine your opportunities in such a major life moment?


Meet Carter, 18, and Jaya, 17. Their passion for politics will help you realize your own power to shape the future—whether that’s urging others to vote or volunteering for a campaign!

Hunter, 16, did—while carrying his brother on his back—all to raise awareness for his sibling’s struggles with cerebral palsy. 

Kenneth, 17, invented a sensor to keep his grandfather—and others with this incurable brain disease—safe.

Sophie, 16, turned her green thumb into a healthy-eating revolution!

This teen is helping his school get healthier and happier—in a single lunch period! 

With a single YouTube video, Alex, 16, has helped thousands of teens understand a complex disorder.


Maddie, 13, fought for a female avatar in her favorite iPhone game—and won! 

When his uncle lost his home, Isaac leapt into action. The 18-year-old organized a massive backpack drive that served 3,000 other struggling families.


Meet the teen that built software to stop cyber-hate before it happens.