What's for Dinner?

Antonis Achilleos

Introducing. . . Chef You! We dare you to try these recipes, which are way tastier than (and almost as speedy as) fast food.


HERE’S A CRAZY IDEA: Next time your mom starts dialing for delivery, why not say you’ll cook instead? Yes, it sounds intimidating, but if you start slow and master a few simple meals, you’ll be happy you did. That’s because learning to cook gives you a secret superpower called self-sufficiency— you’re at no one’s mercy when it comes to filling up on healthy, yummy food (not your parents’, not Ronald McDonald’s, not the delivery guy’s . . . no one’s!). Here, we share three of the simplest, fastest, most fun ways to whip up meals—and challenge you to test them out!


1. Bowls with Benefits

Make a DIY Burrito Bowl by layering your favorite fiesta-ready ingredients! And as with any of the meals you’re about to make, try to hit as many of these key nutrient groups as possible: protein, fruits and veggies, calcium/dairy, healthy fats, and whole grains.


2. Pitza Party

Why wait for delivery when you can pop your own personalized Hawaiian Pitza in the oven? Just spread a spoonful of sauce on your “crust,” sprinkle on your toppings, and toast it in the oven at 400 degrees for six minutes, or until the cheese gets bubbly (Mmmm).

3. Wok Out!

This Takeout-Style Tofu is much healthier than anything you’d eat out of a cardboard container. To make your own killer stir-fry, heat a little oil in a pan over medium-high heat, then add your ingredients in the order below. (Get full instructions at scholastic.com/choices!)


Full Recipes and Instructions (PDFs):

Burrito Bowl

Breakfast-For-Dinner Bowl

Tuna Melt Tortizza

Hawaiian Pitza

Additional vocabulary: sodium; sauté

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