How Can I...Wow an Adult?

Courtesy of family (Kas Dina); Courtesy of Dan Schawbel (Dan Schawbel). Illustrations by Kevin Whipple.

“What’s the best way to email adults when asking for help with things like job opportunities? I’m always afraid I come off as immature.”  

—Kas Dina, a Choices Teen Adviser and high school junior in Plymouth, Pennsylvania 


"Careful messages open doors; sloppy ones shut them." 

That’s according to career expert Dan Schawbel, who believes you need to know the difference between an informal message and an email that shows you mean business. Here’s his advice for keeping it short, focused, and action-oriented: 

Dan Schawbel 

is a career expert and the best-selling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. He helps companies like Google and Target hire the very best people for the job. 


















Vocabulary: referredenthusiasm; commitment













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