How Can I Make a . . . Tough Decision?

Illustrations by Kevin Whipple 

“I want to go to fashion school in New York City next year, but it’s expensive. Attending a cheaper state college is less exciting but practical. What should I do?”

— Alexis Peele, 18, a Choices Teen Adviser and high school senior in Pennsylvania


“Smart decisions require feelings and facts.”

No one but you can decide what school is right for you, says decision coach Nell Wulfhart. “But having all of the facts in front of us can help us see when our feelings—such as excitement about living in a big city or fear of debt—might get in the way of our goals.” 


Nell Wulfhart

is a decision coach who offers action-focused advice to help people achieve their dreams. 

This decision grid can help you organize your thoughts: 

Other vocabulary: marketing; hustle; assumptions

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