Define adrenaline; identify triggers of the hormone and describe its effect on the body; evaluate ways to manage nerves related to a rush of adrenaline.


NHES 1: Identify concepts that promote health and prevent disease.


CASEL COMPETENCY: Self-management





Lesson Plan: Your Body On. . . Adrenaline

That powerful surge of energy you feel when you’re scared or nervous just might save your life. 

1. Preparing to Read

Before you read the article “Your Body On. . . Adrenaline,” ask your students the following pre-reading question:

How does adrenaline affect my body, and how can I manage an adrenaline rush if it happens?

2. Reading and Discussing

  • Have your students read the article “Your Body On… Adrenaline” independently; read the article out loud to them; or have students partner-read the article out loud.

  • After they’ve read the debate, revisit the pre-reading question. Have their answers changed? 

  • Next, have your students answer the Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking questions, either working in small groups or independently.

Close-Reading Questions
The following questions can be shared in printable or interactive form from the Resources tab. 

  1. Does adrenaline only affect your body when there is a real threat? Explain your answer giving evidence from the article.

  2. How can adrenaline affect your physical strength? Give an example described in the article.

Critical-Thinking Questions

  1. What are some common situations that might cause a fight-or-flight reaction for some people?

  2. Have you ever heard of someone accomplishing an incredible feat in a dangerous situation? Write a short summary of the story below.

3. Building Comprehension and Vocab

Check students’ comprehension of and engagement with the story with the following assessment tools:

  • Quiz

  • Vocab Builder

4. Expanding SEL Opportunities

Continue the learning journey with the following extension activity: 

In this activity, have students watch this Buzzfeed video (https://bit.ly/3hl5Ta1) about HYSTERICAL STRENGTH TO THE RESCUE—or, people’s unique ability to accomplish extraordinary feats of strength in a  life-or-death situation. Then, have them answer questions about what they saw.  An answer key is included on page two of this activity to aid discussion.

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