Read about a teen who used his crafting skills to help others; identify international issues related to literacy and learning 


NHES 8: Demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.


CASEL: Social awareness 




Lesson Plan: Crafting For A Cause

This month we are sharing the story of Jonah, who is using his love of crochet to help his birth village in Ethiopia.

1. Preparing to Read

Before you read the article “Crafting For a Cause”, ask your students the following pre-reading question:

How can I use my passions  to help others?

2. Reading and Discussing

  • Have your students read the article “Crafting for a Cause” independently; read the article out loud to them; or have students take turns reading the three sections out loud (The Inspiration, The Action, The Outcome). 

  • After they’ve read the article, revisit the pre-reading question. Have their answers changed? 

  • Next, have your students answer the Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking questions, either working in small groups or independently.

Close-Reading Questions
The following questions can be shared in printable or interactive form from the Resources tab

  1. What is crocheting, and how did it help Jonah become a more successful student?

  2. Describe at least two ways Jonah used his passion for crochet to help or inspire others.

Critical-Thinking Questions

  1. How do you define a “passion”? Create a definition for this term using your own words, and then list two or three activities you have a passion for.

  2. Why do you think it is important to do things you are passionate about? Consider any possible mental health benefits for you or possible benefits to others.

3. Building Comprehension and Vocab

Check students’ comprehension of and engagement with the story with the following assessment tools:

  • Quiz

  • Vocab Builder

4. Expanding SEL Opportunities

Continue the learning journey with the following extension activity: 

Time to SHARE YOUR PASSION! After considering what their passions are, have students consider creative ways to share one of their passions to inspire, inform, and/or help others Encourage students not to worry too much about whether they are good at something they’re passionate about.

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