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Printable Skills Sheets

Printable worksheets for every story take your lesson plans to the next level.



A curated video collection for each issue builds background knowledge and gets your students excited to read more in the feature article. 


Searchable Issue Archive

A searchable issue archive allows teachers to look for specific stories to meet their needs, use past stories as paired texts, or search for stories that support a specific skill. 


Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers

Writing prompts and graphic organizers encourage student reflection about health-enhancing behaviors so they can further develop knowledge and skills. 


Digital Editions

Digital editions allow you to project stories for group work, as well as zoom in and isolate photographs or portions of text.


Slide Shows

Engaging and informative slide shows encourage lively and thoughtful classroom discussion. 



Comprehension quizzes challenge students to demonstrate mastery of the material.


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