This Slideshow Will Teach Students to Beat Stress!

By Bethany Radcliff
March 13, 2017

Did you happen to have a chance to check our Failure Resumes slideshow back in February? Well, now we’re coming back at you with another fantastic use for this new online feature, this time all about (drumroll, please...) simple ways to beat stress!


We think our newest interactive flipbook, called Stress Busters, will perfectly complement your lesson on this month’s story, Secret Stress Busters of the Stars, adding more substance to your classroom discussion. That’s because--in order to truly buy into stress-relief techniques--teens need to try them out for themselves, paying special attention to what works best. And simple steps to walk through each technique will ensure that students can easily practice each activity. For example, take a look at how the slideshow guides students through visualization:

We designed this slideshow with students and teachers in mind, with the goal of working together to create a stress-free classroom climate. The three stress-reducing skills discussed involve visualization, deep breathing, and yoga--and all three activities can easily be used in the classroom.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get calm! Here are a few ways you can use the Stress Busters Slideshow to teach teens to keep calm under pressure:

  • After instructing your class to read Secret Stress Busters of the Stars, project Stress Busters on your whiteboard, then go through the three activities as a class. You can serve as their guide, reading the steps as they close their eyes and give each exercise a try!

  • If you don’t have time to devote to all activities, guide your class through one exercise and have them complete the rest at home. 

  • For a more hands-on activity, split the class into three groups, and have each group practice one activity.

  • After teaching the lesson, send teens home with a link to the slideshow to try the techniques on their own.


After you teach the Stress Busters slideshow or send it home with students, have students pick their favorite activity to get comfortable with. Teens can practice this activity over time, so they can have it as a go-to when the pressure is on! 

Click on the image above to read our brilliant feature, Stress Busters of the Stars, to teach teens the perfect solutions to handling in-the-moment stress!


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