Media Literacy Lesson: This Slideshow Will Teach Students to Spot Fake News!

By Bethany Radcliff
March 23, 2017

We’re back with a new slideshow for your classroom! We’ve really enjoyed experimenting with this new feature, and this month, we thought we’d try something fun: The Fact or Fake Game Show!

This resource will be a perfect activity to add to your lesson on Which One is #FakeNews?, which will help you teach digital literacy skills your students desperately need.


Here’s how you can bring this activity to your classroom:

  • Click through the three images of news articles in Round One of the slideshow, and have students guess if each example is factual or fake. They can record these answers in the first column of their worksheet. 
  • After Round One, pause on the "Time To Read!" slide. Pass out the May issue of Choices, and have students turn to page 6 to read Which One is #FakeNews?, paying close attention to the Can You Spot Fake News? sidebar on pages 10-11. 
  • Once everyone has finished reading, begin Round Two, where students can apply their new knowledge to the same examples. Be sure to discuss why each example was fact or fake, and don't forget about the slightly trickier bonus round!


Click on the image below to read this month’s riveting feature story, Which One is #FakeNews?

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