In our September issue, we’re kicking off a brand new back-page advice column called Life Skills Made Easy. In it, we’ll tackle a different question each month, sourced straight from the mouths of our Teen Advisory Board members—or your students! The answer will come from a unique, carefully selected expert each month, and the goal is to provide teens with the simple, doable strategies that will help them succeed in school and life—from balancing school and fun, to calming themselves down in a stressful moment, to dealing with difficult people!

This time around, we had a little fun with our go-to guru, leveraging some legendary advice from none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower. His method of time management isn’t just a lesson in to-do lists; it’s a fairly straightforward way to teach your students to prioritize their tasks and goals. (Check out the story and teaching resources here!)

We also had our resident art director whip up this little sign featuring Eisenhower’s Wise Words, which you can download for your classroom. We’ll be doing the same every month, so check back to add to your gallery of life skills insight! We have no doubt your students will appreciate the inspiration.