Follow the Leader

Singer Ed Sheeran may seem like he has a “Perfect” life, but he’s struggled with a childhood stutter, bullying, and the pressures of fame. Follow his journey from young rap fan to role model.

1. The Beginning

Born in England in 1991, Sheeran is introduced to music by his father, who takes him to rock concerts. His father also gives him an album by rapper Eminem.

2. Getting Noticed

Sheeran learns to play the guitar and starts writing songs. His YouTube videos and self-produced albums lead to collaborations with Taylor Swift and One Direction.

3. Facing Setbacks

In 2015, Sheeran announces he’s taking a yearlong break from social media, saying, “I needed to get away.” He continues to take regular breaks from Instagram and Twitter.

4. Amplifying His Message

Now a megastar, the singer sends a message of self-acceptance to his fans, saying, “The only person you can succeed at being is yourself.”