Read about the real-life experience of teen entrepreneurs; describe challenges involved in being a teen entrepreneur; identify ways to overcome challenges of being a teen entrepreneur.


NHES 6: Use goal-setting skills to enhance health


CASEL: Self-management; responsible decision-making




artificial intelligence 



Lesson Plan: We're The Boss

Read on to learn five teens' secrets to running your own company.

1. Preparing to Read

Before you read the article “We’re the Boss,” ask your students the following pre-reading question:

What are the challenges and rewards of being a teen who starts their own business? 

2. Reading and Discussing

  • Have your students read the article “We’re the Boss” independently; read the article out loud to them; or have students partner-read the article out loud.
  • After they’ve read the article, revisit the pre-reading question. Have their answers changed? 
  • Next, have your students answer the Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking questions, either working in small groups or independently. 

Close-Reading Questions
The following questions can be shared in printable or interactive form from the Resources tab. 

  1. According to RJ, what is the biggest challenge involved in being a teen entrepreneur? 
  2. What advice do Sage and Nikolas have for other teen entrepreneurs about choosing what business they want to be in? 

Critical-Thinking Questions

  1. After reading about the challenges involved in being a teen entrepreneur, what do you think would be the hardest challenge to deal with and why?

  2. What type of business do you think you would most enjoy running and why? 

3. Building Comprehension and Vocab

Check students’ comprehension of and engagement with the story with the following assessment tools:

  • Quiz

  • Vocab Builder

4. Expanding SEL Opportunities

Continue the learning journey with the following extension activity:

Have your students be TEENS IN BUSINESS for a day by creating and presenting a business plan. Have them work in small groups to think of a business idea, and then use a mix of ideas from the article and their own research to create a plan for it.

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