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Read about habits that enhance well-being during the school year; evaluate how your own habits and choices affect your health


NHES 1:  Demonstrate skills to enhance health during the school year

CASEL COMPETENCY: Self-management; responsible decision-making


nauseated, procrastination, carbohydrate, accountability

Lesson Plan: Back to School Survival Guide

Whether from the couch or in the classroom, getting back into the swing of school can be stressful. Don’t worry: Choices has your back to school survival needs covered


How can I stay healthy, focused, and happy during the new school year?


  1. Which tools can help you stay focused in a home workspace? List two and explain how they are helpful. Keeping a basket close by allows you to move your workstation easily if you need to, while headphones send a subtle signal to others that you don’t want to be disturbed. 
  2. What is “text neck” and how can you avoid it? “Text neck” is a type of neck strain that occurs from looking down at your phone. You can avoid it by holding your phone at eye level. 
  3. Teague says that his routine and schedule are helpful when attending school online. Explain his reasoning. Having a consistent routine helps Teague stress less about things that are out of his control. His daily “todo” list helps him avoid procrastination.


  1. Do you have a personal preference for online vs. inperson learning? Explain. Answers will vary. 
  2. What do you do to stay calm during the school year? Possible answers: breathing techniques; full-body relaxation; listening to calming music; running or playing sports outside; drawing. 
  3. Are there spots in your house where you have a hard time getting work done? Why? Where do you find it easier to get work done? Why? Possible answers: It is hard to get work done in my bed, on the couch, or in front of the TV, because these are spaces I usually relax in. It is easier to get work done at my desk or at the kitchen table, because even though they are less comfortable, they are better for focusing




CASEL Competency: Self-management

It’s never too early for teens to turn a wish into a goal. Have students reflect on a personal or academic SMART goal. Then have them GET SMART by breaking down the goal into manageable steps. Consider having them share their goals with you, so you can check in on their progress periodically. (Click here to see all your Skill Builders.)



CASEL Competency: Self-management

From TikTok to Snapchat, teens use apps as a way to relax. But they can also use technology to enhance their productivity. Students will discover that, yes, there is AN APP FOR THAT. Whether they want to meditate, eat better, or work out, the right apps can help them improve their well-being this school year. (Click here to see all your Skill Builders.)

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