She wants to make sure that every kid has a chance to be published.

After falling in love with writing when she took a creative writing class in middle school, Katie Eder knew she wanted to teach kids how to use their imagination to craft original stories. But she couldn’t find an organization that would allow a teen to teach kids how to write. She had only one option: to start a program on her own.

With an outline in hand of what she would teach, Katie went to her local community center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and persuaded them to let her start a program. Katie taught her first creative writing class to 18 young students, and their stories were published in an anthology. During the workshop, when a student told Katie that the class was the first time she felt like she could express herself and have a voice, Katie knew she had to make her summer project into something more.

Katie soon raised enough money to create Kids Tales, a nonprofit organization fully run by teen volunteers who teach creative writing to kids. During each workshop, the teens help their students write stories that are published together in a book on Amazon. Now, more than 300 teens in 12 U.S. cities and 8 countries have taught Kids Tales workshops. The curriculum was even translated into Portuguese and taught by Katie’s friend in Brazil! Says Katie: “My goal for Kids Tales from the beginning was that every kid in every corner of the globe can publish a book and find their voice.”

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