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How Can I...Rock A Group Project?

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"Group projects can feel so overwhelming, especially when people don’t cooperate and follow through. What are some tips for keeping everyone on track?”  

“A half-hour of planning saves a week of stress at the end!” To follow this wise advice from career empowerment expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, simply break down that huge project you have on your plate into smaller jobs that can be divvied up and tracked.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

1. List It: The day the project is assigned, immediately identify the end goal (think: create a presentation). Then list what needs to get done to accomplish it—everything from minor tasks (buy poster board) to major ones (practice the night before).

2. Schedule It: Create a timeline for the project and put everything from the list on it. This should include meetings, tasks, and deadlines. Assign each person a color and highlight each task with those colors, so it’s clear who is doing what.

3. Track It: As a team, decide on a project manager who will keep everyone on track, and who you agree is allowed to call team members out if they’re slacking. (Hint on how to choose: Look for the person with the most organized desk!)


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