About Us


What is it?

Choices is a magazine dedicated to the health and well-being of middle and high school students. Published by Scholastic, each issue is packed with page-turning stories about crucial issues that matter to teens— from bullying, drinking, and technology, to nutrition, fitness, and goal-setting.


Our Mission

Help teens think critically about their health, their lives, and their world. We want to arm young people with information so they can make thoughtful, positive decisions.


Who’s it for?

Educators across the country subscribe to our magazine for their health, language arts, and life skills classes, as well as for their libraries and other school-wide resources.


Parents subscribe to our magazine to make sure that their kids are getting high-quality, deeply-researched information about the most important topics teens face.


Teens love Choices because we respect and celebrate this exciting (and sometimes overwhelming and scary) time of their lives in every issue.