Everything you need to know about eating right.

The True Story of Killer Foods

Cooking changed their lives. We dare YOU to trade fast food for DIY meals and join the revolution.

The craziest things can cause you to overeat or think your food is healthier than it is. Take this quiz to test your smarts.

You know it’s the most important meal of the day, but did you know you can make a tasty breakfast super fast? 

These foods (and ones like them) aren’t just lacking in nutrients — they may actually be making you sick.

The healthiest foods for you are between these two slices of (whole-grain) bread. Chow down on at least three of these powerhouses every day to be strong, smart, and full of energy.

YIKES! The beverages you’re chugging to power you through the day could make you sick—or worse.

Everyone loves salty fries, pizza oozing with cheese, and fried chicken—all available in a flash. But you know that fast food can be harmful to your health. Use our guide to help you find the best and trash the rest.

By Jennifer Dignan and Alex Porter


On an average day—not Halloween, not your birthday—how much sugar do you consume? Five teaspoons? Ten? If you’re like most people, the answer is, a lot more than you think.

Caution: 5-Hour Energy is high in caffeine but low on natural energy.