Different Like You

Meet teens whose unique experiences may make them seem different, but in reality, they’re just like you. 

Lexi, 18, grew up hearing that question again and again in her small Georgia town. Now she will proudly tell you she’s multiracial—and what that means to her.

Katherine, 17, has severe food allergies—which means she's constantly navigating an obstacle course of deadly ingredients. 

But he's also an avid runner, a licensed lobsterman, and a skilled musician. Find out how a 13-year-old navigates the world without sight. 

While her friends were having their best summer ever, Miya, 16, was finding the courage to fight a deadly disease.

More than 4 million people have fled violence in Syria since 2011. Zain, 16, is one of them.


2.7 million American kids have a parent behind bars. Justin, 15, is one of them, but he won’t let that hold him back.

Naomi, 17, covers her head to honor her Muslim faith. She’s also teaching other teens to understand religious differences. 

Grace, 16, has to keep constant tabs on a condition that could kill her. But fighting diabetes (with the help of her black lab!) has only made her stronger.

Today, roughly 30 percent of the 5.2 million Native Americans in the U.S. live on reservations. What’s it like to grow up on one? Shanice, 18, shares her story.

By Shanice Britton, as told to Jane Bianchi


At 14, she is only four feet two inches in height—but Genevieve is standing tall.