Choices Challenge

We dare you to do one simple thing to make yourself—or the world better. 

Studies show that even the smallest amount of CPR instruction can give you the confidence to step in and help.

Do you hate on apples? Feel “meh” about broccoli? We dare you to retrain your taste buds with this super-fun experiment. 


Research shows that sitting too much can be bad for your health. So shake up your school day by spending more time on your feet!

The cafeteria is the perfect place to connect with someone new. Can you leave your comfort zone?

How do the teen characters you see on screen compare with real life? Go forth and investigate—then join us in changing those misconceptions!

Make a difference this holiday season by collecting food for the hungry—or whatever your community needs most.


We dare you to join the healthy lunch movement.

We’re sending you on a scavenger hunt to drown out cruelty. How many random acts of kindness can you complete?

Will your brain benefit from a tech break? Take our phone-free challenge and find out!

Makeover time! Take your fave food and health it up—without losing the mmm-factor.