Join the Choices Magazine Teen Advisory Board!

Members of the Choices Teen Advisory Board got to participate in a cover shoot!

Nathaniel Welch 

Team Choices is always on the lookout for whip smart, super creative, entirely awesome teenagers to add to our Teen Advisory Board.

Sounds just like you, right?

Here’s the deal:

Our editors are in touch with the Board on a weekly basis to gain insight as to what’s really going on in the lives of teens today. We’ll email you with important polls, thought-provoking debates, and even fun one-off questions (e.g. "Quick! What’s your favorite TV show?").

If we like your responses, we’ll quote you in the magazine and send you a gift card as thanks for your participation.

Not to mention, volunteering as a member of the Teen Advisory Board looks stellar on a résumé, and working with our editors to improve your writing skills will give you a major edge at school.


Some super cool opportunities our Teen Advisors have recently received: 


 They got bylines in our magazine. 

Yup. We rely on you to write our monthly debate feature! Because who better to the sound off on the issues that matter most in teens’ lives?


Teen advisors Matt Nakamura and Lauren Hensley weighed in on the January 2017 debate.     


 They took part in photo shoots. 

Our Teen Advisors appeared on several of our recent covers—and modeled for our January 2016 fitness story and January 2017 junk food story too!





 They got awesome advice from experts. 

Ever have a burning question and don't know who to turn to? Our teen advisors share their issues with us, and we find the perfect expert to help out.




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