Choices Challenge: Unplug!

Your brain could benefit from a phone break. Share what you learn from your digital detox and you could win a prize! (Phone); bulentgultek/Getty Images (Brain)

Will your brain benefit from a tech break? Take our phone-free challenge and find out!


How this #ChoicesChallenge works:

1. Track Your Usage
Download a time-tracking app like Moment (for iPhone) or BreakFree (for Android). Use it to log how much time you spend on your phone in one day.


2. Do A Digital Detox
Now dare to spend a day phone-free! The rules: Use your device only for emergency communication, and fill the time you gain with activities you always wish you had time for (like practicing guitar or going for a run).


3. Reflect On The Results
Are you anxious? Stressed? Relieved? Can you think more clearly? Did you finish your homework faster? Grab a pen and paper (yup, the old-fashioned way) to write down how ditching your phone made you feel.


What did you learn from your detox? Write a letter (500 words or less) to a fellow phone addict, urging him or her to cut back. We’ll publish 5 winners—and give each of them a $25 gift card!

*No purchase necessary. Entries must be postmarked by 7/15/15 for eligibility. Void where prohibited. For complete rules, go to

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