Choices Challenge: Mix It Up at Lunch

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The cafeteria is the perfect place to connect with someone new. Can you leave your comfort zone?

1.  Pick a Date 

Team up with your friends and teachers to plan your own Mix It Up at Lunch Day, then brainstorm ways to make it fun. You may want to choose a theme or prepare slips of paper with conversation starters.

2.  Spread the Word 

Publicize your event by making a Facebook page, putting up posters, and inviting your school newspaper to cover it.

3.  Document the Day 

Post on social media (#MixLunch) to show your plan in action and to raise even more awareness about breaking down social boundaries!


From homeroom to sports practices—where else could your school benefit from mixing it up? Three winners will each receive a $50 gift card.

No purchase necessary. Entries must be submitted by 3/15/16 for eligibility. Void where prohibited. For complete rules, go to

Special thanks to Teaching Tolerance, who founded Mix It Up at Lunch Day over a decade ago!

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