Choices Challenge: Hero Training

Go to and join the movement to make CPR a high-school  requirement!

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Studies show that even the smallest amount of CPR instruction can give you the confidence to step in and help.

1.  Watch a video 

It won’t get you certified, but it will make you more likely to take action. (For starters, check out this video from the American Heart Association.) 

2.  Take a class 

June is CPR Education Month! Check the websites of the American Red Cross, the AHA, and the National Safety Council—or call a local hospital—to find certification classes near you.

3.  Rally your crew 

Ask your friends, teammates, or neighbors to learn CPR with you. If you get enough people together, your local Red Cross or fire station may be willing to send an instructor out for a private session. 


Tell us how you spread the CPR-saves-lives message. (Did you hang flyers at school? Organize a training session for your soccer team?) Entries will be judged on creativity and effort. Enter for the chance to win a $100 gift card. 

No purchase necessary. Entries must be received by 6/15/16 for eligibility. Void where prohibited. 

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