Choices Challenge: Go H2O!

Join the #ChoicesChallenge this month and drink more H20!

We challenge you to drink up and #spreadthewater at your school!


Why drinking water matters:

  • More energy! Dehydration makes you tired, so gulping down lots of water gives you extra pep.

  • A brain booster! Because water provides oxygen to your brain, it can help you learn and solve problems.

  • Fresher breath! Yup—water washes away stinky bacteria that live on your tongue and your teeth.

  • Better skin! Those cells are made of water, so staying hydrated gives your skin a healthy glow.

How this #ChoicesChallenge works:

  1. Take the pledge. Go to to sign the pledge to drink more water and send it back to us.

  2. Follow through. Aim for at least four cups a day to start. How? Always carry a water bottle to school, and try adding natural sweetness by using frozen berries or orange slices as ice cubes. It's still sweet—we promise!

  3. Inspire others. Use social media to get the word out: “I’m taking the #ChoicesChallenge to drink more H20 & #spreadthewater at my school. Are you?

Special thanks to the Partnership for a Healtheir America's Drink Up initiative! Visit for more water tips.

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