Choices Challenge: Face Your Food Fears

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Do you hate on apples? Feel “meh” about broccoli? We dare you to retrain your taste buds with this super-fun experiment. 

1.  Choose a fruit or veggie 

As a class, pick a type of produce most of you don’t enjoy (brussels sprouts? bananas?) and research its health benefits.

2.  Find recipes 

Uncover creative ways to eat your fruit or vegetable—each student should select one recipe to prepare. 

3.  Have a feast 

Pick a day for everyone to bring their creations to class and hold a taste test. Research shows that after sampling a food 10 times, you just might start to like it!


Send us a pic of your dish! Three winners will each receive a $50 gift card and have their creations featured in an online article.

No purchase necessary. Entries must be received by 5/15/16 for eligibility. Void where prohibited. 

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