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No gym? No problem! 

Photographs by Heather Weston 

Don’t let the cold weather keep you on the couch! This guide will get you moving all winter long—and you won’t even need to step outdoors.

1. Create your own home gym. 

That cash Grandma stuffed in your holiday card? Save it for something more exciting than dumbbells! This routine from Olympic soccer star Lauren Sesselmann uses objects you already have at home. Just run through the moves three times for a heart-pumping workout!

Special thanks to models Jubair (broom taps and counter push-up) and Erroyln (sit-ups and pillow chop). 

2. Sweat during screen time. 

The next time you park yourself in front of your laptop to binge-watch Modern Family, play this workout game—or swap in your own rules if you’re viewing a different show!

Each time Cam and Mitchell disagree: Do 20 jumping jacks.

Every time someone talks to the camera: Jog in place until the next scene.

Every time someone rolls their eyes: Do 10 sit-ups.

Every time Haley uses her phone: Do 8 couch push-ups. 

Each time Manny is a know-it-all: Do 10 squats.

SOURCE: Heidi Powell, a fitness expert in Phoenix, Arizona

3. Throw yourself a dance party. 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than locking your bedroom door, blasting that song you’re obsessed with, and moving it like you’re a world-class backup dancer. (You know what we’re talking about!) So steal these tips from pro dancer Kelsey Menke. They’ll turn that dance party into a true workout. 

DO go low. To target your lower body, get into a squat-like position while you dance and remain in that pose for as long as possible. 

DON’T stay in the same place. Move around the room to turn dancing into a serious cardio workout. 

DO get some air. Jumping up and down on the beat burns more calories than staying grounded, plus it’s a move even reluctant dancers can rock. 

DON’T hold back. The more you throw your body about, the more muscles you'll target. So go crazy, and have fun with it!  

4. Take the #7DayDare.  

Here’s how it works: Post a photo of yourself performing the daily activity on Instagram (#7DayDare)—and then tag friends to take our challenge with you!

Day 1: Start your morning with 5 minutes of feel-good stretches.

Day 2: Count how many side crunches you can do in 60 seconds.

Day 3: Work out while you watch TV!

Day 4: Do 25 each, then repeat: squats,jumping jacks, and lunges.

Day 5: Dance to music for 15 minutes.

Day 6: Complete a YouTube yoga video.

Day 7: Accept our Flutter Kick Challenge. (It’s a move that Navy SEALS use to get in shape!)


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