Is this weird? Is that normal? And perhaps most important—is that me I smell? Here, answers to a few of your most pressing puberty-related questions (ones you’re maybe too afraid to ask!).

Some lawmakers believe that lowering the minimum wage for young people will encourage more businesses to hire them. Would you say this is a smart move to help teens get jobs—or is it fundamentally unfair? 

“How do I say no to an invitation to hang out when I don’t have a good excuse, instead of just going along with it like I usually do?” —Joey Bonanno, 16, is a high school sophomore in Massachusetts.


Seventh-grader Marley Dias wasn’t happy with her school’s reading list—so she turned to social media to take action. 

The Icky Truth: Right now, your school is a hotbed of germs and viruses, just waiting to make you miserable. But these sneaky tricks can help stop them. 


Arguing gets a bad rap—but it’s actually one of life’s most crucial skills. Here’s how to stand up for how you feel without setting off World War III.

That scrumptious crunch. The way it melts in your mouth. A delicious dusting of powder left on your fingertips. Read on to learn the secrets of junk food scientists, who were hired to get you hooked. 

Some students (and even administrators) are calling for a time limit on outside assignments. Will this move reduce students’ stress levels—or just make it harder to learn? 

We’re constantly bombarded with advertisements that portray the perfect body as thin and fit. Would getting rid of them boost our self-esteem, or send us down a slippery slope of censorship?


"Group projects can feel so overwhelming, especially when people don’t cooperate and follow through. What are some tips for keeping everyone on track?” 
Liza Goldstone is a Choices Teen Advisor and ninth-grade student in Boca Raton, Florida