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We’re so excited to introduce the new Choices website!

Now easier it's easier than ever to read our stories and access all of the corresponding teaching resources. The site features articles from the past five years, so you can search by story topic and pull together a lesson about anything from bullying to nutrition.

Since it’s a bit of an adjustment, we’ve rounded up a list of questions you may while navigating the site.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Email us your feedback (choicesmag@scholastic.com) or send a tweet (@Choices_Mag).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Logging In


Teacher Resources



How do I log in to the site?

Click the Log-In button at the top of the homepage, or any page on the site.

A pop-up window will appear and you’ll use your Scholastic ID to log in.

After logging in, you’ll have access to all of your teacher resources—from Printables to Web-Links to the Teacher’s Guide.

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I forgot my password. What should I do?

When you click on the Log-In button, there’s an option that says Request New Password.

Clicking this allows you to enter your Username or Email Address.

From there, you can follow instructions to reset your password.

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What if I don't have a Scholastic ID?

If you’re a subscriber and haven’t yet registered your Scholastic subscription online, visit our registration page to get your account set up. Use this year’s access code—which you'll find in your print edition of the Teacher's Guide.

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Why do I need to log-in?

Logging into the site allows our subscribers to have access to their teaching materials! Once logged in, subscribers can find all of the teaching materials for stories from the past 5 years. This includes Teaching Guides, Printables,
Videos, Web-Links, and Planning Calendars.

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What do I get as a subscriber?

As a subscriber, you’re sent 8 issues of Choices during the school year. In addition to the print magazines, you get lesson plans in our Teacher’s Guide, along with quizzes, worksheets, and questions to accompany the articles. You can easily access and print all of these on our site.

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How can I subscribe?

There are Subscribe buttons on multiple parts of the site, including at the top of the page. Clicking on the blue Subscribe button will lead to a pop-up window that asks you to identify yourself.

If you’re a Teacher, you’ll be taken to Scholastic’s subscription page.

If you’re a Parent, you’ll receive a pop-up to add your email address. The single subscriptions aren’t set up yet, but they’ll receive an email once they’re available!


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Why can't I access the teacher resources?

Our teacher resources are for subscribers only. If you don’t already have an account, click the Subscribe button at the top of the page. If you’re already a Choices subscriber, simply click Log-In and enter your Scholastic account info.

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Where do I find my teacher resources?

Teaching resources are available in three places on our site. Click the Teacher Resources tab on the top navigation bar (1) and you’ll find them sorted by issue. In the middle of the Homepage (2), you can find resources for the most current issue. Any article page you visit will have resources in drawers (3) on the right side.

1. Click the Teacher Resources part of the Navigation Bar. Hover over an issue’s cover to see its resources, or click on the magnifying glass to be taken to the Inside This Issue page.

2. There are buttons for Teacher Resources in the middle of the homepage. Clicking any of these icons will take you to that resource for the current month’s magazine.

3. Every article page has drawers on the side filled with resources. Click any drawer and it expands.

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Where can I find video content?

In addition to worksheets and lesson plans, there’s a Choices video each month. These are a great teaching tool! You can find them by clicking the Video button on the Homepage, under Teaching Resources.

They're also available in the resource drawers on the article pages and Inside This Issue page.

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How do I find an article I'm looking for?

There are multiple ways you can access all of our great content! You can click Our Magazine on the navigation bar to be taken to our Issue Gallery (1) or use the Search function ,to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also search articles by Topics (3), whether Fitness or Bullying.

1. Our Issue Gallery features magazines from the past 5 years. Hover over a cover to see what stories are inside.

2. Type any keyword or phrase into our Search Bar and you’ll see all related blogs and stories, sorted by date and relevance.

3. The Topics tab in the Navigation Bar takes you to a landing page with all stories for that category.

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Where can I find a specific issue of Choices?

You can search through issues on the Our Magazine section (1) in the Navigation Bar. We also have an Issue Gallery at the bottom of the homepage (2). When you click on a magazine cover, you’re taken to a page with all of the contact for that issue.

1. Clicking Our Magazine takes you to a landing page of all Past Magazine Issues. You can also hover over a magazine cover in the Navigation Bar to see what stories are in that issue.

2. At the very bottom of the homepage, you’ll find our Issue Gallery. Use the arrows to see all past magazine covers. Clicking a cover takes you to that month’s Inside this Issue page.

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Where can I find the latest teen health news?

Check out our blog! It’s where we share content for both parents and teachers of teens, so they can  help them make smart, healthy choices. You can find the teacher’s blog posts under the Teacher Resources tab of the navigation bar (1).  For content for parents, click the For Parents tab on the Navigation Bar (2). Our blog is also featured at the bottom under the Homepage under Latest News For Parents & Teachers (3). All of the blog posts are available at our blog landing page - choices.scholastic.com/blog (4).

1. Select Teacher Resources from the Navigation Bar. The tab on the right says Blog, which leads to our blog geared toward teachers.

2. The For Parents tab in the navigation bar shows blogs geared toward parents. Clicking this also can take you to the blog landing page, which features all of our posts.

3. On the bottom of the Homepage, our latest blogs are featured under Latest News For Parents & Teachers.

4. If you visit choices.scholastic.com/blog, you’ll be taken to our blog landing page. This features all of our blog posts.

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How can I start a subscription for my teen?

If you're a parent interested in getting a subscription for your teen, here's everything you need to know! The magazine can be a great way to start a conversation about topics you may not be sure how to approach. You can also just leave it around the house as a resource for them to read. Click the Subscribe button on the top of the page.

In the pop-up window, select "I'm a Parent."

After you enter your email address, we'll be in touch soon with information about how to get your subscription started!

In the meantime, check out our blog for parents, which we are always updating with the latest teen health news you need to know. You can also browse our stories and share them with your teens!

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