From Yuck To Yum: How To Cook Fruits And Veggies You'll Love

We found six recipes for fruits/veggies many teens hate that have the potential to convert them into fruit/veggie lovers.


Teachers: This post goes with our April Choices Challenge on facing your food fears. Assign it to your class as homework and have your students research appealing recipes for their least favorite fruits and veggies. Follow the Challenge instructions and have a class feast!

Admit it: You just can’t bring yourself to eat [insert gross fruit/vegetable here]. You’ve tried to choke it down, and your parents always get mad at you for leaving it on your plate, but you can’t help it. You hate it! Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone.

We polled some of our teen advisors and found out what foods make them run in the other direction, then we searched around for ways to convert them to veggie lovers. Our Choices Challenge for April is to face up to your food fears by trying a new way of preparing [insert gross fruit/vegetable here]. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become your new best friend.

1. The Challenge Food: Brussels sprouts

"They have this ugly taste and honestly no matter how you cook them, I firmly believe you simply cannot get them to even a mediocre standard.”

—Lily, 14

The Redeeming Recipes

-If you like potato chips, this is the recipe for you! It requires only three ingredients, and Brussels sprouts chips might be your new favorite snack.

-Take the plunge and try this recipe for plain and simple roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic. You won’t be able to “hide” the taste behind anything, but this may be the best way to really give this veggie a chance. Plus, it’s delish.


2. The Challenge Food: Eggplant

“A vegetable I can't eat at all is eggplant. I tried it a couple of times and each time I had been disgusted. My parents love eggplant, however, so it is a conflict.”

—Ben, 15

The Redeeming Recipes

-Toast makes everything better. This recipe for eggplant salad on toast is good enough to trick even the biggest hater into being a lover (of eggplant).

-If anyone can make you like eggplant, it’s Martha Stewart. Her easy recipe for roasted baby eggplant promises to be less bitter and way more delicious than you might think.


3. The Challenge Food: Bananas

“I'm really grossed out by bananas. I know that everyone usually likes them, but I can't get past their slimy texture and smell.”

—Amanda, 16

The Redeeming Recipes

-Did you know bananas make great ice cream? Because of a certain chemical, bananas turn creamy and delicious when you put them in the blender. Our recent junk food story includes a quick, tasty recipe.

-Muffins don’t have to be bad for you. These whole wheat muffins are sweetened with maple syrup, and contain other healthy alternatives to your average super sugary baked good. 


Give these recipes a shot and tell us what you think! Do you have your own favorite fruit and vegetable recipes? Share them with us on Twitter at @Choices_Mag.