Yikes! Millennials Value Cellphones More Than Dental Hygiene

collage Shutterstock, iStockphoto.com

Quick! If you had to pick (and you can only choose one): Leave the house without brushing your teeth or without bringing your cellphone?

It seems like a simple choice, but according to a recent survey, millennials would rather have stinky breath than be disconnected from their mobile devices. Seriously! Bank of America surveyed 1,000 Americans ages 18 and over about their everyday must-haves. From the internet to deodorant, the results are interesting.

Millennials are categorized as ages 18-24. Ninety-six percent said their cellphone is most important in their daily lives. Cellphones ranked higher than toothbrushes (93 percent) and deodorant (90 percent). Coffee came in last place with only 48 percent.

We're curious how teens would respond to the survey! If recent research on Generation Z (which there's a handy TeenBeing post about) is any indication, teens love their phones just as much as the last generation — possibly even more.

Out of curiosity, ask the teens in your life what item they couldn't live without: phone, internet, computer, coffee, car, or toothbrush? Then share their responses (and your reaction) in the comments!
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