Why You'll Want to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington With Your Teens

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I can’t listen to Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech without getting the chills. To celebrate the speech's 50th anniversary today, I’m going watch a video of his rhetorical tour de force with my 15-year–old as soon as I get home from work. I’m sure he’s seen clips from it and from the March on Washington, but I don’t think he’s ever heard the whole speech from start to finish. I know it’s going to blow his mind—especially when I explain how Reverend King put his notes aside and ad-libbed the whole thing. This version is annotated and it’s fascinating. I’m also going to share this brilliant twitterfeed with him and his friends, in which NPR is live-tweeting as if this were the summer of 1963. Genius. Taking note of this day with your teens is a great chance to talk about "big ideas" like social justice, fairness, and how we can improve our country. What a great opportunity to step back with the very people who are going to be leading us forward in the future. I'd love to hear how you all are talking about this historical day with your teens, either in school or at home. Let us know in the comments!