This Week's Teen Flaunt: Scoliosis Doesn't Stop Caroline From Dancing

Caroline N Photo (1)Instead of dwelling on differences, teens should embrace what makes them stand out. That's the main message in this week's Teen Flaunt essay by Caroline Nycek. The 17-year-old has scoliosis, but has learned to appreciate this trait. Most importantly, she doesn't let it stop her from dancing.

In her essay, she admits that it wasn't always easy. She'd worry that others could notice and think she looked "crooked." Growing up, she hated how her back made her different, but she's realized it isn't even noticeable to others. She explains, "Every time I tell someone that I have scoliosis they are always surprised, and not once have I been told that it looks like I have this 'deformity.'"

While it may make some dance moves more difficult to accomplish, her scoliosis just makes her work harder. She explains:

As a dancer you get told often that having scoliosis will be a burden  because your posture might be off, or your feet might not turn out well enough. But instead of putting you down, those are the things that should motivate you the most.

Caroline's message about loving who you are is one we couldn't agree with more! It's important to accept and appreciate what makes you different, instead of letting it get you down. carolineBe sure to check out the rest of her inspiring essay "Dancing With A Curve" here.

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