This Week's Teen Flaunt: Rebecca Finds a Place Where No One Can Judge


Poor body image, shifting friendships, crippling depression, dangerous self-harm—at only 16 years old, Rebecca has already faced up against some of the harshest struggles adolescence has to offer. But through a love of art, the outlet it offers, and the lessons it provides her, she has found a way to harness her emotions and accept herself as is.

As Rebecca explains in her Teen Flaunt essay, art is a safe space where she can express herself, free of judgment. It's an opportunity to vent, without consequence:

The painting we know as the Mona Lisa is a famous piece of art, considered beautiful in many ways, yet some people debate the real beauty that is the Mona Lisa. Art is a passion of mine and I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When Leonardo DaVinci painted her, he did not do it for anyone in particular. He painted her for his own pleasure, and for himself. I have taken that into consideration and now apply it in my own life.

Read more—and check out one of her original poems—over on the Teen Flaunt page.

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