This Week's Teen Flaunt: Lexi Has Anxiety Disorder

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For Lexi, 17, just writing about what makes her unique is a celebration of her incredible progress. That's because Lexi was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in elementary school, and since then, every baby step she has made has led her to this place where she feels comfortable—and confident—enough to take a chance and share her story:

Things were difficult; my anxiety stopped me from taking advantage of so many cool opportunities. When I would learn that I was going to be in a environment that made me uncomfortable, I would start to panic. All I could think about is everything that could go wrong and how I think people will dislike me.

We love Lexi's account of what it feels like to live with anxiety, but perhaps even more valuable are the lessons that lie within her own coping strategies. (Teens can really learn something about dealing with stress and dread on a daily basis.) Head over to the Teen Flaunt page to read her whole essay.

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