This Week's Teen Flaunt: Laura is Helping Raise Her Younger Brother

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.18.50 PMLaura Peña calls herself her mom's understudy. Nope, they're not in a play together—instead, the title refers to her role as a second mother to her younger brother. In this week's Teen Flaunt, the 17-year-old writes about what she's learned from her sibling, who she also refers to as "the biggest blessing in her life so far."

She explains:

I had expected to spend my life as an only child, but when life gifts you with a sibling at fourteen, you just have to accept it with open arms. I’d always wanted a brother, and while the timing did throw me off a little ... the feeling was indescribable when we were finally able to bring this little swaddled thing home.

Later on in the essay, she also reflects on what this role means to her:

I’m there when mom needs me to step in and help clean or when she needs extra help looking after the energetic rugrat that is my brother. However, something I can tell you with certainty is this: There’s nothing that’s made me happier than to be a vital part of my brother’s life.

quotfffeShe says she may not be like a typical teen, but she's okay with that. She enjoys the time she spends with her family. To read the rest of Laura's essay, head over to the Teen Flaunt site! And check out more Teen Flaunts we love:

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