This Week's Teen Flaunt: Halie Has a Learning Disability

Halie-photoIt's no newsflash that most kids just want to blend in. That's why Halie, 17, has had a tough time coming to terms with her learning disability, which creates an actual physical and emotional rift between her and her classmates. Shuffled off to a separate"learning room" from third grade on, she can't help but wonder: Do the other kids think there's something wrong with her? Do they treat her differently because of her disability? She saw herself how she thought they saw her, and it wore on her self-esteem.

Now I am in high school.  Once again, I am one of the ‘special kids’—one of the 'stupid ones.' My fears are almost affirmed as I see some lingering glances of AP/honors and regular kids questioning the slip of purple paper I call my schedule. Their eyes scream with hinted confusion and off-putting disapproval.

But Halie has finally come to an important conclusion: She doesn't know less; she just learns it all differently. We encourage you to read her entire essay on the Teen Flaunt site.

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