This Week's Teen Flaunt: Dominique Has Had 13 Surgeries

Dominique_FlauntYes, that's a lot of doctor's visits, hospital stays, and recovery time. But you won't find Dominique, 18, feeling sorry for herself. Born with heart problems and congenital scoliosis, she has risen from a physically fragile infant to a mentally tough teen—one with a sincere appreciation for the hardships life has handed her.

In her very eloquent essay, Dominique likens each experience to a brick she holds in her backpack, which she has used to build a foundation of personal strength and resilience:

I am thankful for my health problems, my many surgeries and hospital stays. Without these experiences, I would not have the same view of the world—I would not be the same. Yes, it is true that thirteen surgeries are no fun; nor are endless amount of doctor appointments. But regardless, without these adversities, my backpack would not be filled with all my glorious bricks. Bricks that could weigh one down, but that in my case, will help build a pedestal—one that lifts me high enough to achieve my goals and supports me through any future storms. And for that, I am grateful.

That's some pretty adult-level self-awareness, huh? Consider it today's perspective check ... and one worth sharing with the teens in your life. (You can read the whole thing over on the Teen Flaunt page.)

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