WATCH: This Video Will Make You Rethink Concepts Like Body Image & Self Worth

Screenshot of YouTube

"If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?" 

In a new video, an organization called JubileeProject asked this question to 50 people of all ages. The contrast between answers from children and adults is eye-opening. As they grow up, there are more and more complaints or desires to change actual body parts—huge foreheads or round faces. Meanwhile, the younger kids answer with magical things like having wings or a mermaid tail.

The beauty in this video is that it's important to feel comfortable in your own skin. It also highlights how something gets lost along the way—between childhood and adulthood, a whole set of insecurities seem to spread. It's reminiscent of the topics in past articles from Choices magazine, such as our "Body Bullies" story that looks at the trend of critiquing not only our own bodies, but those of everyone around us. In our most recent issue, there's a debate about photshopping and teens' self-esteem.

More than just an amusing video, this clip is worth watching because it really makes you think about the ways we view our bodies and the value of self-acceptance. Check it out below and then share with the teens in your life:

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