WATCH: This Video Will Change How You See Health

Getting healthy isn’t about running marathons, lifting monster trucks, or eating nothing but kale—it’s about making small changes that lead you to a better lifestyle. Tricks as simple as carrying a water bottle and walking more often can transform how you feel about your health—and changing your perspective of exercise can completely change the way you work out.

These small steps are some of the ways that 15-year-old Eric worked toward changing his own health for the better. In 2010, Eric’s father passed away suddenly, and Eric turned to food for comfort. Over time, Eric gained weight until he reached 520 pounds, and struggled to not give up on his health—until his freshman year of high school, when his teacher and classmate gave him the support he needed to take back control.

With the help of his supporters, Eric has lost almost 20 pounds. “But losing weight isn’t my only goal,” he says. “I want to take care of myself and maintain a healthy lifestyle to feel good—both inside and out. I’m confident that I’ll stay on track, because [my teacher] taught me something that’s even more powerful than broadcast journalism—how to believe in myself.”

Eric’s small changes set him on a course for health, and we challenge you to steal his ideas! Need help setting those ideas in motion? Let us be your supporters—watch our video below about getting healthy, and let us know what small changes you’re making!


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