WATCH: Time Management Tips for the Busiest Teens

Take a look at the average teen’s schedule. They’ve got tests to study for, papers to write, friends to see, an instrument to practice, a sport to train for, chores to finish, and plenty of tumblr surfing to do. It’s no wonder teens struggle with time management – they’ve got a lot to manage! But it’s alright – we’ve got them covered in the newest issue of Choices.

In “Beat the Clock,” we’ll put teens through Time Management 101. Whether they’ve got too much on their plates or are procrastination pros, our experts will help them reset their schedules and take back their to-do lists.

Speaking of to-do lists, of course you know how helpful they can be—but do you know the ways to make them even better? Check out the video below to hear Berna’s tips and tricks for turning those to-dos into done.

But that’s not all! Have you seen the rest of Berna’s How to Deal series? Show your teens her life hacks for everything from avoiding cyberbullying to coping with stress. It’s one YouTube series you can both agree on.



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