WATCH: Bethany Mota's Inspirational Anti-Bullying Dance

Screenshot from YouTube

Today is National Stop Bullying Day — a holiday that we completely support. In fact, all of October is National Bullying Prevention Month, which is why we're taking the opportunity to stop the hate and make kindness go viral in our Choices Challenge. (Click here for more details on that!) Another way to celebrate the holiday is to watch Bethany Mota's performance from this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars.

If you're not familiar with Bethany Mota, she's an 18-year-old who became famous by making videos on YouTube. What started as makeup tutorials has led to her being a well-known name among teens. She now has her own clothing line and goes on national tours to meet her fans.

Since she's incredibly popular right now, it may seem surprising to find out Bethany was bullied growing up. People she thought were her friends had destroyed her confidence by nitpicking her appearance. She opened up about the tough experience in this week's DWTS.

Contestants were asked to perform a dance that reflects on the most memorable year of their life. Bethany chose to focus on the year she began making videos on YouTube. She opened up about how those videos helped her regain a voice, she felt she had lost. She wanted to let viewers know that if they are going through bullying, it's possible for things to get better.

To see the inspiring dance, watch the video below:

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