Warning: This New Form of Alcohol Will Be Attractive to Teens


Did you know that alcohol comes in a powdered form called Palcohol? If you didn’t, that’s probably because it was previously unavailable for purchase in the United States. Last week, however, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved this substance for sale.

Palcohol can be mixed easily by just adding it to water. The same laws apply to this powdered substance as liquid alcohol, so it will be illegal for anyone under 21-years-old to purchase it.

There are concerns within the health expert community that teens may abuse Palcohol. It can be very easy to conceal which will make it easier for teens to consume in public spaces. In general, it’ll be simpler for anyone to sneak into places where drinking is now allowed.

One packet of Palcohol mixed with six ounces of water is the equivalent to the alcohol content in a standard mixed drink. The company currently offers four flavors: rum, vodka, cosmopolitan, and margarita. These flavored powders may be particularly appealing to teens. Since it’s just powder they’re mixing into liquids, they may be tempted to pour higher amounts than they would with liquid liquor. People may also be tempted to snort it because it’s in a powdered form. It would be very painful and actually take about an hour to snort enough Palcohol to be equivalent to a shot of vodka.

The product will be in stores near the summer, but some states are already taking a stand against it. Currently, Palcohol is banned in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Vermont. A few other states are beginning to talk about following suit.

Educate your teens about the dangerous of alcohol. This will help them to develop smarter habits surrounding alcohol in the long run and hopefully, they’ll stay far away from powdered alcohol.

For more information on teens and alcohol use, read our binge-drinking story “The Danger Lurking in Just One Drink.” Choices is a teen health, well-being, and life skills magazine published by Scholastic.