This Video Will Change the Way You See Stress

Teens know stress. The sweaty palms, the upset stomach, the trouble sleeping. And with a chem test tomorrow, practice until 8 tonight, and a band performance this weekend, it’s no wonder that teens sometimes feel like they just can’t deal. But here’s the good news: All that stress that drives teens crazy can actually be used for good. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below and our friend Berna will show you how.

But even if you’re ready to Sparta Start-a and T-werk it out, stress can still snowball and become less fun than our video may make it seem. Fortunately, the February issue of Choices has you covered. In this month’s stress story, we’ll teach your teens to take their frazzled brains “From GAH to Ahh…”. Check the article out here and share it (and Berna’s video!) with your teen, or anyone you know who may be feeling overloaded. And if you’re as obsessed with Berna as we are (after that video, how could you not be?) check out her website, keep reading TeenBeing for her upcoming blog posts, and get excited for next month’s edition of How to Deal.