Use This Interactive Mystery Game to Prevent Summer Slide


Summer is the greatest: Late nights, plenty of friend time, and tons of swimming and ice cream. In the midst of the summer buzz, it’s understandable that not many tweens and teens are likely to spend some quiet time at home with a book. But taking too much of a reading rest during the off-school months can end up hurting students come fall.

In an effort to prevent what’s known as the summer slide—the achievement gap between students who read over the summer and those who don’t—social change organization created an interactive texting mystery game to inspire teens to keep their literacy skills sharp, even while class is not in session.

Context Clues, which is built around Common Core reading standards, challenges students to solve a mystery using literacy-boosting puzzles. Players will be directed to their local library with a suggested reading list by the end of the game.

Even better, players who recruit three of their friends will be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Players can join the game May 17 through July 31 by texting READ to 38383 or visiting