Three Cringe-Proof Sex Ed Resources for Teens

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So much of the sex ed media content out there is awkward, corny, and cringe-tastic. That’s why I love finding frank, explicit, and tasteful sex ed resources for young people that don’t make me want to vomit a little in my mouth! We’ve come a long way from Walt Disney’s 1946’s The Story of Menstruation.

Here are three info-packed resources that we’ve deemed cool enough to share with your students! All informational and blunt! All LGBT friendly! All geared toward young people!

1. Scarleteen—A super-solid website for young people that offers friendly support and progressive advice regarding all things sex, sexuality, and relationships! It has message boards with a speedy turnaround for quick answers, resources to find local assistance for sexual health care and youth services, and oodles of great content and articles on everything from anatomy to LGBT relationship advice. Readers can even submit anonymous first-person articles for publication on the site. This is definitely worth an in-depth look. Some of our favorite articles include Rescripting Sex (establishing clear consent while keeping it sexy! Complete with Mad Libs!) and Ready or Not? The Scarleteen Sex Readiness Checklist (things to think about before taking it to the next level, whatever that may be!).

2. Asian Health Services Youth Program’s YouTube Page!—Check out these perky young gals and guys as they answer pressing questions about STIs, contraception, body image, and more! What makes these videos stand out is their key understanding of YouTube’s quirky how-to humor mixed with frank information and education. Not intimidating at all! Yes, the program specifically targets Asian young people in Oakland, California. However, the advice and guidance can hold true for all young people. Have a question you’d like them to video-ize? Ask away on their website,

3. Go Ask Alice!—As a teen, this was always my personal go-to resource when I had questions too embarrassing to ask! Go Ask Alice (named after the best-selling intense and dark teenage diary, Go Ask Alice) is Columbia University’s super-rich health question-and-answer Internet resource. Ask “Alice” a question (much like you would in an advice column) or fall down the rabbit hole of browsing old content on sex, emotional health, drugs, nutrition, physical activity, and relationships. (But beware—this rabbit hole is deep! Speaking from experience, browsing their archives can take up more time than Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest combined . . .) How can you express intimacy while being abstinent? Did my bad experiences with men make me a lesbian? Is male rape possible? Answers to these questions and more!